I’m Samantha a BA (Hons) painting student working towards my degree with the OCA; I’m enjoying this journey so far! ~ It’s exciting and challenging and my mind is always full of ideas and thoughts of the next exercise and assignment. It will certainly be a long journey fitting this degree course into an already busy life style and a full time job.
I’m a graphic designer working for an LED lighting company and I have a grown up daughter and a teenage son; there have been many times they’ve been involved in this journey as well either gaining their opinions and discussion, visiting a gallery or two and also being my model. Art and design has always been a big part of my life and I’m hoping that by following the ‘Painting Degree Pathway’ it will help me to discover my style and voice, engage in new experiences which will enable me to create individual pieces of art.
I’ve recently completed ‘Practice of Painting’ unit and excited to have just enrolled on to ‘Studio Practice’ – I can’t quite believe I’m now starting Level Two! I started five years ago by studying ‘Creative Arts Today’ which introduced me to a lot of artists I hadn’t come across before and opened my mind to a new way of thinking. I then completed ‘Drawing Skills’ where I enjoyed the exploration of drawing, trying new ways of drawing and experimenting with various mediums.
Landscape observation has been good for me to do as I’ve always shied away from it and I tackled more landscapes on the ‘Practice of Painting’ course where I experimented with oils properly for the first time which excited me! My tutors for each course have been great and I’ve learned different aspects from each.  It was one of my goals to learn how to use oils and to experiment with layering and textures. I have come away from ‘Practice of Painting’ course with ideas and thoughts I’d like to develop further and will take with me into level two.

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