Hi, I’m Samantha a BA (Hons) painting student working towards my degree with the OCA; I’m enjoying this journey so far; and it will certainly be a long journey including this degree course into my busy life style and a full time job. I’m a graphic designer working for an LED lighting company and have a grown up daughter and a teenage son. Art and design has always been a big part of my life and I’m hoping that by following the ‘Painting Degree Pathway’ it will help me to discover my style and voice, engage in new experiences which will enable me to create individual pieces of art.
I’ve completed ‘Drawing Skills’ which I have found interesting and challenging at times as I have learned a lot of new techniques through exploring different subject areas and mediums; it’s really been about experimenting for me. I love all aspects of art ~ sketching, painting, sculpting, life drawing, mixed media, and visiting galleries. I completed ‘Creative Arts Today’ module a couple of years ago which was theory based and although it was tough going at times I was introduced to a lot of artists I hadn’t seen before. It opened my mind to a different way of thinking and exploring with a new approach.

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