Practice of Painting Learning Log

Part One ~ What paint can do

Hello. I’ve been really looking forward to getting started with this course! I’ve just completed ‘Drawing Skills’ and found that in some cases I was painting more than drawing, but I guess that could be the natural progression of exploring with new mediums and techniques. I enjoyed using pastels recently and explored painting with them using water and baby lotion. It’ll be great to work through these exercises now as I have painted for many years and having worked through ‘Drawing Skills’ made me realise that I had become stuck in a rut. I’m hoping now to continue with what I have learned so far and to find new approaches and an open mind to painting.

Project ~ Basic paint application

Brushes and paints

An array of brushes ~ some of which are old and have had for years! We seem to get attached to our favourites and wear them out until the bristles have a mind of their own. They grow in character along with the water jars with residue of paint around the edges which become a work in them selves.

Oil Paints
Selection of oil paints.

Exercise ~ Getting to know your brushes