Drawings & Sketches

Drawings & Sketches

Here’s a selection of drawings and sketches from my sketchbooks showing a variety of life drawings, still life and quick sketches which I’ll upload along the way. I will be submitting my actual sketchbooks for assessment so not all will be uploaded here.

Watercolour sketches in Henley

Henley river watercolour sketch

Henley watercolour sketching

Henley watercolour sketch

Portrait of James

James Portrait ~ Conte
Portrait of James ~ Conte (A3).

This is a sketch of my daughter’s boyfriend James who was sitting at the table scrolling through his phone. I started sketching him and then he had to sit for longer while I sketched on to complete the drawing.

Leda & The Swan

This is a small sketchbook I started a while ago when I first enrolled on the ‘Creative Arts Today’ course; now that I’m focused on drawing I’ve picked this particular sketchbook back up.  I was inspired by a painting in a palace in Venice and was drawn to the swan entwining with a female figure. The painting is by an unknown artist, however I was drawn to the painting and decided to do some drawings of the mythological story of Leda and the Swan. There many pieces of art, sculptures and paintings that have been created over centuries by many artists.

I started with some fine line pen drawings which I find are relaxing to doodle and sketch in bed with on a lazy Sunday morning.

Leda and the swan b

Leda & the Swan a

Leda & the Swan white feathers

The sketchbook is of hand made papers with lots of texture. These white feathers I’ve achieved with white diluted acrylic on a dry brush. I like the way the texture has helped the feathers to be light and fluffy.

Greek lanterns under a tree

This is a small acrylic sketch of a scene where I was staying on holiday on the greek island of Skiathos. I focused on the lanterns and the abstract shapes of the items such as chairs, pots and leaves surrounding them. I used quite a dilute consistency to be able to sketch more freely.

Greece sketch


Watercolour sketch of boat houses in Henley; it was a relaxing afternoon with my son and I took a mini pocket set of watercolours and water brush with me. So this was very much an experimental, ‘go with the flow’ out in the open painting.


Sunflowers for my 50th birthday

Pen drawing of gorgeous sunflowers, no wonder Van Gogh painted so many. I’ve been getting into the swing of always having my sketchbook with me and some photos to work from if I don’t have the opportunity to sketch from life.

I do like this drawing as the sketchy lines and the course paper give the appearance of the rustic look of the sunflower, especially as it starts to die away.

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”  Maori proverb
Still Life using line
Assortment of Indian artefacts and bowl with collected beach items ~ Pen Drawing.
Figs ~ Acrylic on board.
FullSizeRender (3)
Still Life of fruit bowl and cafetiere ~ pastels on paper (A3).
FullSizeRender (11)
Quick sketch in charcoal (A3) ~ area in my lounge.
FullSizeRender (13)
Scarf and beads on wardrobe handles ~ pencil (A5).
FullSizeRender (12)
Mirror on stand with necklace and reflection sketch in pencil (A5).
Magnolia stem
Magnolia Stem in charcoal and watercolour pencil (A4).
Shrub stem and seed pods
Shrub and seed pod stem in charcoal and watercolour pencil (A4).
Arnie dog sketch
‘Arnie’ Bull Terrier mix sketch in pen (A5).

Live Blues music at the ‘Retreat’ pub…

Sketches made whilst listening to and watching a blues band with a glass of wine and found some confidence to draw in an intimate space; the audience was small and so I felt comfortable. These are quick sketches as the musicians were always moving and I also felt I was drawing to the speed of the music which is interesting.

Blues singers sketches 2

Blues singers sketches

Life Drawings

Reclining nude.jpg
Reclining nude ~ Acrylics on paper ~ 8″ x 12″

I’m going to the occasional life drawing session which is held in Reading; there’s no tutor but a group of artists who like to get together to draw. I like to use charcoal and coloured contes for these sessions. I think it’s good practice drawing life models.

Sitting nude conte


life drawing studies
Warm up sketches ~ graphite. A3


Reclining nude conte
Reclining Nude in Conte ~ A3.
Reclining nude study
Graphite half hour study of reclining nude.
Kensington inspiration for paintings, I like to try to do soon.
Kensington inspiration
Kensington sketches
Kensington mews, inspiration for paintings I’d like to try…

Chandelier inspiration

Inspiration for tonal studies, my chandelier hanging above my bed, this first thing I see every day when I wake up. I find the shadows interesting and they change depending on the light source.

Sketch of sunny dog
Pencil sketch of ‘Sunny’ friends dog.